Surgical Unit of Obesity and Endocrinology

Forthe distinct characteristics of this condition, that only the obese patient suffers from, the SurgicalUnit of Obesity and Endocrinology is designed structurally and architecturally for this condition and is located in office 174 de los Consultorios de Carrer Vilana 12.

Directedby Dr. Carlos Ballesta López, he was the first in Spain to perform obesity surgery by laparoscopy (1995).

Sincethen he has performed about three thousand operations to treat obesity and has been distinguished as one of the pioneers in Europe with the most experience in Spain.

In 2009, the Dr. BallestaLaparoscopic Center was evaluated by the EAC (European Accreditation Committee) of the IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity), giving it the distinction as a Center of Excellence inObesity Surgery.

The Dr.Ballesta Laparoscopic Center is recognized as a center of reference for this type of surgery, both nationally and internationally.

Extensive information on the pathology of obesity and its treatments can be found here: Morbid Obesity